Robert J. Scaramozzino

On December 12, 2016 President Roberts presented his nominations to fill the Secretary-Treasurer’s position to the International Executive Board. The Board voted unanimously to ratify his two-step plan to fill the vacancy.

Robert J. “Bob” Scaramozzino was selected to replace Daniel J. Kane effective January 1, 2017. Brother Scaramozzino is a 45 year member of UMWA Local Union 1269 in District 2. He became a member of the UMWA in 1972 when he entered employment at Barnes & Tucker’s, Mine #20 in Carrolltown, PA.

He worked at the mine for 14 years before being appointed to the International staff in 1985 as a Health and Safety Representative.

During his 31-year career with the International Union, Brother Scaramozzino has also served as the Deputy Administrator of the UMWA’s Department of Occupational Health and Safety, as Administrator of the International President’s Office, and as Executive Assistant to the International President.