UMWA Line Officers:

Copy of Roberts 0001 Cecil E. Roberts, International President – Click here for bio
October 22, 1995 – Present
Levi D. Allen, International Secretary-Treasurer – Click here for bio
January 1, 2017 – Present

International Executive Board:

Yankovich 0001 Ed Yankovich, International District 2 Vice President
Copy of Earle 0002 Steve Earle, International District 12 Vice President
Gary Trout, International District 17 Vice President
Larry Spencer, International District 20 Vice President
Copy of Dalpiaz 0002 Michael Dalpiaz, International District 22 Vice President
Copy of Caputo 0001 Mike Caputo, International District 31 Vice President
Copy of Gibbs 0002 James Gibbs, At-Large International Vice President
Copy of Barnett 0001 Don Barnett, At-Large International Vice President
Copy of Samms 0001 Donnie Samms, At-Large International Vice President
Jody Dukart, International Auditor/Teller – Canada
Copy of James 0001 Tanya James, International Auditor/Teller – East
Copy of Fernandez 0001 Roy Fernandez, International Auditor/Teller – West