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CAN'T SCARE ME, the Story of Mother Jones

October 14, 2011

"CAN'T SCARE ME, The Story of Mother Jones,” tells the moving story of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones and her activism to help organize a broad spectrum of American workers in the early 20th century. Written and performed by Kaiulani Lee, who transforms into the legendary labor activist, the drama illustrates Mother Jones’ fight for children and workers’ rights across the United States. The performance incorporates the loss of Jone...s’ husband and children from yellow fever; the great Chicago fire, out of which she emerged with her own fire to help organize the unorganized; the famous Children’s March to protest child labor; and the coal mine wars of southern Colorado and West Virginia.

Do not miss this must-see performance, showing for only two weeks (October 14-30), at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in D.C. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (202) 399-7993. Use the "Union" coupon code for $5 off your ticket.

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